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Original Building

Front of Original Building

Glen and Alice Manley opened their doors in 1962 in a 50 x 30 foot structure that was called Glen Manley & Sons. This is where they started their custom butchering of beef and pork from local farms.

Back Original Building

It was not long before they added the retail meats and the business began to grow. As the business grew through the years, so did the Manley family. Glen and Alice had five children that began helping with the business at an early age.

Glen Alice Manley

Glen and Alice Manley

They helped with various chores and as they grew they took over more responsibilities with the business. The name of the business changed in the 1990s to Manley Meats, Inc. and is currently owned by Matt and Mark Manley (3rd generation), James Everett and Jennifer DuBois.

1979 Addition

1979 Addition

They are all committed to continuing the Manley’s tradition of "Country Quality".

Owners 2022

Owners Left to Right:
James Everett, Jennifer DuBois, Matt Manley, Mark Manley

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